Shrink Sleeve Labeled Cans

The Benefits of Shrink Sleeve Labeled Cans:

  • The full body design allows for more creativity with graphics.
  • High quality graphics create a high-end look and feel, which adds value to the product.
  • The sleeve film is durable, scratch resistant and waterproof.
  • Eliminates custom printed containers. Shrink sleeve material seamlessly fits onto many uniquely shaped bottles and containers.
  • One-off prototypes and short runs for market testing.

Shrink sleeve labeled cans are the standard for craft brews and energy drinks. Mossberg Beverage Solutions can provide high impact shrink sleeve labeled cans for your canned product. Our state of the art digital print technology enables us to print quality label with lower costs and quantities from full production runs to short runs for prototypes, test markets and private labels.


Designers can use textured, colored and metalized papers or ultra-clear and white films to create eye-catching, informative labels that ultimately catch the eye of the consumer.

Mossberg & Company is unique in that we have both traditional and digital printing equipment and can print on a variety of specialized substrates for wine, beer and other beverages.

Looking for a low cost label option? Cut and stack paper labels are typically about one-third the cost of pressure sensitive.

We have paper, synthetic, metalized and wet strength options, ensuring that your final label meets your specific needs. Please note that cut and stack labels are normally restricted to the size of the die plate on the equipment and can’t be laminated.

Looking For a Graphic Designer?

Consumers have more choices than ever before when it comes to deciding which brands to buy on the shelf. Hundreds of new brands enter the market each year, forcing many consumers to base their decision solely on the packaging they see on the shelf. And if your product doesn’t stand out your brand remains – on the shelf. Great packaging drives differentiation, recall and brand preference.

Don’t have a designer? Don’t worry. Mossberg Beverage Solutions can provide creative service recommendations! Whether you need a complete design or just a little help getting your files ready for production. Just fill out our contact form and a representative will be contact you as soon as possible.