Shrink Sleeve Labeled Can Templates

8 Ounce Can Label:

12 Ounce Can Label:

16 Ounce Can Label:


8.4 Ounce Sleek Can Label:

12 Ounce Sleek Can Label:

32 Ounce Crowler Can Label:

Special Design Notes:

  • Please Provide print ready working files (Ai) with links and fonts in case of any necessary adjustments. If original files are not an option, a high resolution PDF will work.
  • All Images must be high resolution (300 dpi or greater)
  • Files are printed digitally – 4 color process

What if I want to create metallic effect?

All shrink sleeves will automatically have a white background. In order to make the can show through, to create a metallic effect, you will have to create what we call a ‘knockout’.

Creating a ‘knockout’:
1. Create compound path of the item you would like to have the metallic effect.

2. Fill the compound path with the color named: Can Substrate

How to find the color named ‘Can Substrate’:

1. Go to the tool bar and click window, then click swatches

2. Look for the color labeled ‘Can Substrate’ within the swatches tab.


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